Records Management

Royal Oak Storage offers the best local solution for your business’ records management needs. All records are stored on high density storage racks, off the floor, accessible only by Royal Oak Storage employees; a fire protection system is also installed throughout the facility.  We can customize a records management program to fit any size customer. Royal Oak Storage features include:

  • The #1 industry choice for records management software solutions: DHS Worldwide’s Total Recall.
  • State-of-the-art bar code technology to track boxes, files and pallets.
  • Ability to cross reference existing filing and bar code systems.
  • Indexing services at the file, interior file and pallet level.
  • Door-to-door and door-to-desk delivery as a rush, same day or next day.
  • Fleet of secure vans, 24’ trucks and semis are all available for retrieval and delivery.
  • Box and material supplies are available for purchase.
  • Accessibility: Royal Oak Storage web module, fax, email or call in for retrieval and delivery requests.
  • Ability to track all document history including, but not limited to, by scan date, by department or by request.
  • Ability to perform all inventory functions on the web module including box requests, invoices, box inventory and box information editing.
  • High level of security, including 90 day digital video recording and security system.
  • Manual backup system for files and bar codes.
  • Office space available at Royal Oak Storage for easier viewing.
  • Competitive document destruction services via our sister company Royal Oak Recycling.

Access your inventory 24 hours per day through the Royal Oak Storage Client Web Server.

Additional forms available here to assist your records needs.