Medical Industry

Improvements in medical records management are in progress, but there are still challenges to face. Royal Oak Storage is dedicated to maintaining your medical records and keeping your health information private and secure in accordance with federal and state regulations. We understand that outstanding patient service is dependent on having access to the right information in a timely manner.

Royal Oak Storage utilizes the latest in barcoding and inventory tracking software Total Recall Records Management. Our industry based software application has numerous capabilities to serve the medical industry, including several levels of indexing (box and file level), advanced web access, comprehensive reporting (by department), service request tracking.

Royal Oak Storage can customize programs specific to your needs and delivery expectations.  For your convenience, we offer next day, same day or rush delivery.

Our headquarters in downtown Royal Oak works as our main point of customer contact as well as a dispatch office for our delivery team.

Access your inventory 24 hours per day through the Royal Oak Storage Client Web Server.